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Our goal is to completely satisfy customers’ expectations in terms of service, quality and value.

We deliver satisfaction through sustained customer focus from inquiry to production, delivery and use of our products.

All of us at KIWI® Wire Die are committed to living up to this policy.





Quality assurance

Quality assurance at KIWI® Wire Die means setting high quality standards, using state-of-the-art technology and ensuring the knowledge and commitment that maintain those standards.

Knowledge is a key to advanced technology

A base of talent spanning 30 years in the die industry provides a strong foundation for offering quality products and services. At KIWI® Wire Die we capitalize on that legacy to constantly expand our knowledge and technology through research and development. 


We continue to improve overall quality and service by advancing technology to help automate, streamline repetitive processes, and improve production.


Our definition of service is what sets us apart… .



In-Process QC


Quality checkpoints exist throughout manufacturing. During die shaping, polishing and sizing, operators measure each die and instantly check their measurements against the original specifications using a real-time database that links operators throughout the manufacturing area.


Final Inspection


After leaving the production floor, every single wire die undergoes a final visual inspection. Here, lab personnel use a series of sophisticated instruments and a real-time database to ensure the finished product complies with original order specifications.


Packaging and Shipping


Finally, the shipping staff checks the dies. In particular, they examine matched die sets, confirming they have the correct set and serial numbers and are packaged in the correct sequence.