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 • Ease of operation with minimal effort

 • Tools that can be utilized by die shop and wire line operators alike

 • Quick and simple machine setup

 • Robust and Indestructible 







 • Compact
 • Designed to accommodate various case sizes  

 • Programmable wire die polishing machine 

 • Durable design and components ensure long life with minimal maintenance 

• Pneumatically powered wire puller





Die shop tooling that can be utilized by die shop and wire drawing operators to make wire pointing and pulling effortless.


KWUP series wire polishing machines

The surface of the reduction angle and bearing of a drawing die are damaged or “wear” during the wire drawing process. The KWUP-series wire die polishing machines are used to recut and repolish these damaged areas and to resize the drawing die to the required bearing length and diameter. Proven technology ensures that the versatile KIWI® Wire Die KWUP-series wire die polishing machines give the die-shop operator the ability to recut, repolish and resize drawing dies; all with one simple machine! KIWI® Wire Die wire die polishing machines are manufactured with the mindset of providing our customer economically priced equipment with top notch quality.


KIWI® Wire Die die shop tooling is very simple to use and designed to provide the die-shop operator the required tooling to easily recut and repolish wire drawing dies.


KIWI® Wire Die wire die reconditioning tooling is manufactured with the goal of providing equipment that is versatile, durable with a special and ease of use.


KIWI® Wire Die can provide die shop tooling for virtually any type of available die. Along with our die shop equipment ask one of our sales engineers about our in-house training for your recutting, repolishing and resizing needs.




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