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March, 2019 (copper wire): “Overall, the dies performed really well. I wanted to see if using a different die geometry would reduce copper fines generation, and it did.”


August, 2018 (galvanized steel wire): “I just wanted to follow up with the .029 PCD dies that we ordered last month. With the changes that you made to the dies; we were able to get over 2 times the die life. The first time we processed a 40,000 lbs order with the PCD dies, we went through 4 dies. This last time that we processed 40,000 lbs we used 2 dies and the second die has not failed yet. Thank you very much for your help in making these dies the best they could be for our application. It is greatly appreciated.”


August, 2018 (copper wire): “In a nut shell these guys want to sell dies but they really bring things to the table other suppliers do not. Not sure how many die suppliers that would offer to come stand by your machines for a week to help collect data that would cut cost.”


May 2018: “Awesome! You guys are great to work with. It’s a pleasure doing business with you. Have a great weekend!!”


July, 2016 (shape dies): “It’s working great! The size is excellent and holding. I have to add that the material is exiting the die with impressive straightness. Very nice to see.”


June, 2016 (laser apertures): “The laser pinholes worked very well for us. I am still on the first one and there hasn't been a lot of burning so far. Our project funding was just cut so I'm not sure what the future holds for now, but we will definitely use you again when we need laser pinholes”


March 2016 (copper wire): “We don't have any center bursts anymore. Even if I'd try, I could not buy an internal burst since you guys re did our rod sets.”


January 2016: “we ran a standard diamond die and the new polished version this AM… One after the other, same metal material, same machine, same process conditions……. Results – like day and night…..water and oil…… sweet and sour……. The polished die was absolutely great…..”


November 2015: “I’ve looked like a genius in this project over here. By using your tooling, mainly the dies, I have smoothened the outer surface of the insulated conductor (very important for this 25 Gbit cable as the signal at very high frequency travels on the outer skin), reduced the ovality, cut the diameter variations by 50% and been able to hold a minimum 98.5% centricity. All this have made for passing designs that will go into production. All of this because of the quality of the workmanship of your company. We need to maintain the same quality whether it takes more time and or costs more for dies under 1 mm in diameter. Your company will however reap the benefit of its commitment to quality. So far, all the tooling has been purchased by the R&D development team. Now as products get transferred to production, they will be purchasing their own inventory of dies.”


September, 2015: “Can you make me 6 more .032 6degree dies? I just want to have them on the shelf for next time. The .032 ran great with zero random breaks!”


August, 2015 (steel wire): “We want to go with your 2 machine lineup since we think it will give us the lowest tensile. Would it be possible for you to send me a list of the recommended pressure dies so I can see what I have on the shelf already? You guys are great. We had some visitors here the other day and they really bragged on you and the entire KIWI® Wire Die operation. The owner of our company is really pleased.”


January, 2015 (welding wire): “The 045 dies run was VERY successful - dies stayed in a total of 40 hours before they were growing too much. During the run, several wire alloy types were used. Run speed was increased to 1400 for the last portion of the trial with no problems. Typical life for a die set is close to 6 hours with the best ever performance around 12 hours so everyone is very happy as you can imagine.”


October, 2014 (aluminum wire): “I just finished running the second step of the 7050 alloy in .1885” size. The surface finish looks great, I am sure it will pass mechanical properties.”


June, 2014 (aluminum wire): “Couple of cool things was set#4 was put in a machine that the operators were saying had tension issues because they could not get size, I ask them to put your set in and they got size without any other changes.”


September, 2013 (copper wire): “The Rod dies we put in back in July has definitely reduced the types of wire Breaks that we were focusing on.”