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 • Ideal for ferrous rod-size wire
 • Ideal for short and trial runs
 • Carbide grade tailored to wire material when required

 • Special coatings available to reduce friction and/or increase durability

 • Inventory programs available



 • Usable for dry and wet draw
 • Custom case sizes available  

 • Various carbide grades available
 • Low cost dies

 • Starting from 0.5 mm

 • Raw material stock available 


Tungsten carbide drawing dies made to your quality requirements allow you to meeting quality, uptime and speed standards.


Wire drawing dies are commonly used to reduce the diameter of various ferrous and non-ferrous rods and wires. Applications include various grades of low, medium and high carbon steels, steel alloys, stainless steel, welding wire as well as various non-ferrous rods and wires.

KIWI® Wire Die tungsten carbide drawing dies (TC dies) give the wire manufacturer the ability to maintain uniform wire roundness, minimizing material usage and scrap.

Tungsten carbide dies are an excellent option for manufacturing ferrous rod-size wires. They are also ideal for short trial runs. KIWI® Wire Die drawing dies are manufactured with a mirror polish and a smooth wire entry to ensure optimal die life and string-up.


KIWI® Wire Die offers a complete line of TC drawing dies for rod-size wire down to medium-size wire.




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