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 • Smooth tubing surface
Die life increase when using diamond dies



 • Made to spec to ensure wall thickness
 • Tight dimension tolerances  

 • Die geometry engineering available
 • Available in TC, PCD, SSCD and ND

 • Starting from 0,01 to 75 mm



High performance tubing dies allow tube manufacturers to meet surface quality and dimension standards.

Wire drawing dies are commonly used to reduce the diameter of various ferrous and non-ferrous rods and tubes. Applications include automotive, medical wire, superconducting, and welding wires.


KIWI® Wire Die tubing dies give the manufacturer the ability to maintain a uniform tube roundness, wall thickness and minimize material usage. 


KIWI® Wire Die offers a complete line of drawing dies for manufacturing tubing and are customized to match your requirements. 


KIWI® Wire Die tubing dies are manufactured to your specifications with a mirror polish and a smooth wire entry to ensure optimal die life.






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